Monday, January 1, 2007

Is there really snow in Vancouver?

Living in Vancouver it is often hard to believe that we do, from time to time, get "real" snow here. Being from Ontario my old idea of real snow has more to do with snowbanks and blizzards than we usually have in Vancouver, but after a year and I half in Van, I guess I am getting soft. In early December we did have, what seemed to me, like an honest to goodness snowstorm, and woke up to the usual green of Vancouver covered in fluffy white snow.

Julia snapped this picture of it, to prove to our friends in the colder parts of Canada, that we still get some "real" weather here from time to time! I do have to say that even after living here for a while, I get a kick out of seeing people use umbrellas when it snows, I guess that is a Vancouver thing?

For Christmas Julia and I mostly got each ther presents to prepare for our coming move northwards. One of the cool things we decided to get was cross-sountry ski equipment. We went to MEC and spent lots of time figuring out what would work best, and yesterday we went to try out our new gear for the first time.

In spite of the green-ness of Vancouver, there is really a lot of snow here, and to find it all you have to to is go up. So we drove up up up to Cypress to do some skiing. The weather was great and so was the snow. As you can see in the pictures we were all ready for a good long ski. Unfortunately one of my skis was apparently defective and the binding snapped in half about 20 minutes into the trail!

Here are some pictures of us before the ski decided that it was done for the day....

So we drove down down down, and snapped a great picture of the city on the way, and spent the rest of the day trying to get a new set of skis from MEC. So the skis are now on order, and we will try for a second outing when I get back from my locum in Iqaluit. For those of you who think skiing in the far north is a crazy idea, check out: A ski club at the top of the world who knew!!

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