Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The View From Here

Tonight is my first overnight shift in the Emergency Dept. It's a bit nerve wracking to go back to doing emergency work after being away from it for a while. I have always had fun working emerg. though so hopefully it will all come back quickly!
I think I've finally managed to get my camera to talk to the computer here, and I'll try doing this as a pictorial post.

The trip started on Air Canada in Vancouver.

The Vancouver Airport has probably the best collection of First Nations art in the city besides the Museum of Anthropology! Here is a very large peice I am very fond of by Roy Henry Vickers.

The next leg of the journey was with First Air. As I mentioned in my last post, they are a great company!

As we flew towards Iqaluit I got a great view of the sea ice. I asked some people in Iqaluit, and they told me that it should usually be frozen quite solidly by this time of year. They also told me that this part of Baffin Island used to be permafrost, but has since thawed. Since the majority of the land is rock, it has not had much effect, but it is still a major change. Even though it is cold here, it is warmer than it should be.

I also took this picture of a part of Iqaluit as we flew into the city. I think it does a nice job of capturing how isolated this place is.

Here is a picture of the lovely hotel I stayed in.

This is the hospital, the old section is on the right, and the new building is on the left. The new section is set to open this spring, and will more than double the size of the hospital.

Here is a shot of the apartment building I am staying in. It's a pretty impressive building for this geography!

Finally, here are a couple of the stores in the city. Northern Ventures is an everything store, with books, art, clothes, groceries and even a Radio Shack! The North Mart is the biggest store in town, and has groceries, clothes, ski-doos and basically anything you could think of. I was suprised how nice the food and produce were, they even have pineapples! The food is quite expensive, most items are 1.5-2 times the cost they would be in Vancouver.

I hope you enjoyed this quick photo post. I'll update with more stories and pictures soon.


Shawn said...

Great pics! keep em coming. Any sign of arctic cacti or Inuit medicine men? I hope they have good coffee up there to get you through the nights. Have fun!

Nancy said...

Hi Aaron...who knew that you had this blog?? I love it. It's really well written and interesting. God, I have talented children!
Hope that your 1st night in emerg was okay...talk to you soon. Love Mom xoxox

Thain said...

Hi Aaron
This is a great way for us to stay informed. Very interesting.

Love Birgit