Friday, January 26, 2007

Where I Live and Work

Let me take you on a tour of where I live and work while I am in Iqaluit. I mentioned previously that I was living in the apartment building that is referred to around here as "the 8-storey", being the only building of that sort of height in the town. The apartment itself is quite nice, clean, well furnished and modern. It has been a very comfortable place to stay, and I have no complaints about it at all. It even has cable TV, and since we have avoided cable at home, I will admit to watching some trash-TV while I have been here (although in the picture below you will notice I am watching parlimentary committee discussion........which may be even worse).
The pictures below are of the apartment.

The hospital here is also reasonably up to date. It is a bit crowded for space, since the population of Iqaluit has been growing at a very rapid pace over the last few years, but the addition of the new hospital should solve that issue. The emergency department has all of the same supplies, and equipment as an emergency department down south. The only odd peice of equipment I have stumbled across here are the defibrilators, which are a bit elderly, but appear to work well.
Here are some pictures of the office and emergency department, and the staff lounge.

I have seen a lot of very interesting cases since I have been in Iqaluit, and the medicine here seems really interesting and enjoyable. In the weeks I have been here I have seen: lots of sick babies, an intercranial bleed, a young child with WPW, a 1 month old with jaundice, a spinal fracture, cases of TB, and more. It's challenging and fun, especially since the other doctors up here are all easy to approach and ask questions of. It's been an enjoyable experience to say the least, and although I am looking forward to going home later this week (and seeing Julia), I do hope I will be back.

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