Sunday, February 4, 2007

Back in Vancouver

After a long day of flying; YFB to YVP to YOW to YUL to YVR, I finally landed back in Vancouver. It was a balmy 4 degrees Celsius on landing, and although it did seem warm after the -30 I have been used to for the last month, it was very damp! (Iqaluit is very dry in comparison) It was definitely nice to be home and to see Julia!
I also brought back some carvings from Iqaluit and Julia really liked the polar bear I bought for her. I always like to buy art directly from the artist because they can tell you about how they made it and it has more meaning. It is amazing how many of the people in Iqaluit and Pangnirtung, and the other Nunavut communities support themselves through art. On any weekend night in the lobby of the Frobisher Inn in Iqaluit you can see dozens of carvings for sale directly from the artists, and for very good prices. It's fun to see the various styles, and talk with the artists about how they make the carvings and what the carvings mean. Most are done from a stone called serpentine, antler, bone or ivory.

Here are the carvings I brought home with me.

The day after I got home we went to Emily's birthday party which was a lot of fun, and last night Julia took me to a nice welcome home dinner at Bridges Restaurant. Bridges is a nice resturant on Granville Island. I had never been there before and the food was great. I had a shrimp appitizer, monkfish, and a chocolate mousse for dessert. Julia had a pear salad, monkfist, and a creme brulee for dessert. It was a great night out!

It's definitely nice to be home again. I am looking forward to going back to Iqaluit in March, and luckily Julia will be able to come up for a visit and to see the town for herself as well!

While I am back in Vancouver I'll continue to put up any thoughts, or good pictures I take as they come up.

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