Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I blame the Swedes....

Well since I have been home I have been a house husband, and not working...and that means that last week I was on a mission to clean up our house. As some of you might know, our house is almost totally lacking in storage space. We have a couple of closets, but nowhere to put boxes, or bins, or to really store anything. I figured that a couple of new peices of furniture would help the situation so I headed down to IKEA to purchase a new bookcase and coffee table.

I assume most people have, at some point, purchased IKEA furniture. It's a great idea in theory, affordable furniture that is packaged to be easily transported and assembled at home. In theory...that's the key phrase in the last sentance...

My trip to IKEA was fun. The store was actually fairly empty and I found a great coffee table and bookcase. Luckily they fit into the car and I was able to get them home. Once I was at home I remembered that building IKEA furniture is it's own special form of exercise, and is exhausting! For anyone who's been on an IKEA build the following will sound familiar:
  • Well, I think this should fit.
  • Now how do I tell the difference between the 10831 screw and the 10389 screw? Probably doesn't matter!
  • This is supposed to go where?
  • Finally I'm done!
  • What do you think those extra peices are for?

Well in the end I did finish. After using the IKEA tools I know how Mats Sundin has a great wrist shot! A childhood of furniture building with tiny tools must have given him great wrist strength. So here's the finished product, and in spite of the building challenges they look great!

Now to find some more projects to keep me busy until I head back up north....

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