Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The north calls...

I'm getting ready to head back to Iqaluit this weekend. This time I'll be there for about 5 weeks. It's a little less stressful than last time because I feel like I have a decent idea of what to expect. The other big difference this time is that Julia will get to come up for a visit while I am up there! The hospital in Iqaluit graciously arranged for her to come up for a site visit! I'm excited to show her around the hospital and the town, and her visit will make spending 5 weeks apart much easier!
Maybe she'll even write a blog entry when she comes up?

Yesterday was the kind of day that makes tourists in Vancouver move to Vancouver. It was February, it was spring, it was warm and sunny and the flowers were in bloom. It was the kind of day that makes you happy just to experience it. Here are a couple of pictures I tool of the city while walking around Granville Island.

Finally, here are a few links to other blogs that I found interesting.
Here is a blog written (well, dictated) by a 107 year old lady from Australia.
Here is an arctic based blog I enjoy.
And here is Ulises travel blog that I have ported from another site over to blogger for him.

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