Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Arctic Adventures

This past week Dr. H. made it up for a visit to Iqaluit. since we are considering coming up here longer term, the hospital was nice enough to arrange for her to travel up for a site visit. It was a long trip for her including an overnight flight from Vancouver to Toronto, before heading on to Iqaluit. She arrived last Friday, and was greeted with beautiful sunny and -30 weather!

We started off with a tour of the new hospital, which is set to open some time this summer. It is a beautiful facility and will be a big step forward once it is finally complete! On Friday night we went out to dinner with a bunch of the other local doctors. It was a load of fun, and Julia got to try caribou (which is delicious). One of the best things about going to dinner in Iqaluit is that while you are there a lot of the local artists bring by their carvings to see if you want to buy them. We saw a couple of large inuksuks that were great, and a hunter that was really amazing (one of the other docs bought it). It was a fun dinner and I think Julia got a bit of an idea of how nice the current group of people up here is to work with.

On Saturday we went walking about town. we went to the visitors centre, the library, and then to the museum, where a new art exhibit about a traditional legend called Kiviuq was opening. On Saturday night we went to a premier of a locally made movie about the Kiviuq legend. It was fascinating! The legend is difficult to explain, but basically is a story of a young man that serves as a parable for life.

On Sunday we wen on a long walk out the Road to Nowhere. an aptly named track that stretches a good way out into the countryside. It is really neat walking in a land of rock and ice, and it was really hard to judge perspective, distance, and size of the hills and rocks in the distance.

On Monday, Julia was supposed to fly back to Vancouver but a blizzard descended and trapped her for an extra 2 days. It's sort of fun to be inside in a blizzard when you can only see white out the window, although by the end of the second day we both had a bit of cabin fever.

Overall I think Julia liked the trip up and hopefully it is helpful for us in deciding how much time to spend here over the next year.

Here are some pictures from the last week. Enjoy!

Welcome to Iqaluit!

The beginning of the road, or the end??

A ski-doo helps provide some perspective on the landscape.

These pictures capture some of the vastness of this place. It is pretty amazing landscape to spend time in.

Dr. J at work!

The blizzard begins!!

Home to Vancouver....


towniebastard said...

Heh, the second photo, with Dr. H by the stop sign? That's our apartment in the background. Second floor with the red siding. I'm surprised our dog isn't in the window...;)

Glad she liked the trip up. It really is a beautiful place, something that can be easy to forget when it's been -30 or colder for four months in a row.

Jon said...

I really like the first picture. If you send me the full sized picture I will print it and add it to my collage of photos in my living room.