Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Out and about

This past weekend I was on call for obstetrics at the hospital here in Iqaluit. Obs here in Iqaluit is very different than in more southern hospitals. For one thing the C-section rate is very low (I think less than 5%). In fact on the whole the rate of intervention of any kind is very low, with probably about 50% of women going through labour and delivery without even need for pain control. I am sure there are a lot of reasons for this, lower risk births to begin with (the riskiest people get shipped out), younger mothers on average than down south, lower percentage of primigravid (ie. first time births) women. Whatever the reasons, it makes for an enjoyable obs practice.

I really enjoy obstetrics, but being on call for 3 days in a row can be a bit tiring. It was a pretty busy weekend, and I didn't manage to get much sleep. Today was my post call day, and I planned to sleep in really late. Well, apparently my body didn't agree to the plan...it was a beautiful, bright and sunny morning, and I woke up with the sun, feeling pretty good and so I didn't go back to sleep.

Having an unscheduled day is nice, and I took the opportunity to wander around the city for a couple of hours. It's still -30C here so it's a little cold for strolling, but it was nice to get out in the sunshine.

Here are some pictures I snapped along the way. Enjoy!

My parka is nice and toasty warm!

This burned up rubble used to be a resturant called "The Snack Shack". It was a beloved greasy spoon here in Iqaluit, that was open 24 hours a day, and delivered. At present there isn't any 4AM poutine delivery available here in Iqaluit, and everyones cholesterol has improved dramatically.

Some houses around town.

A winter playground.

Here is one of the huge ravens that live up here year round. They seem to not mind the cold at all, and are huge!!

This boat is a little frozen in to go anywhere quickly.

Here is the First Air plane from Ottawa coming in for a landing.

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Liana said...

Just found your blog but forget how I got here. Anyway, I like your blog! Especially the post about Sir William playing with dolls... I agree that family med is a tricky thing to define. For example, is it a specialty or isn't it?