Thursday, March 8, 2007

Roll up the rim, Iqaluit style!

Okay, I admit it, this is not an official roll up the rim winner. I too have miserable rim rolling karma, having won a measly muffin in the past 2 seasons of roll up the rim. I like to think of them as seasons. Last season my record was 1-22-1. You might ask how I got a tie...well I actually won a muffin and a coffee last season, but I won the coffee on the last day of rolling and failed to redeem it, so I am considering that a tie. It's hard being such a chronically underachieving team in rim rolling, but I am used to it, and a lifetime of Leaf's fandom (Yes it is Leaf's not Leaves for you snarky Vancouver fans....the Vancouver team is the Giant's right?) has prepared me well for the trials and tribulations of difficult seasons. This season my team is sitting out since I am in Iqaluit, and don't have access to a Tim's. I'll be watching Julia's rim rolling team carefully and am hoping for big things.

I'll also mention that if my cup win, pictured above, was legitimate it would be a hot commodity here in Iqaluit. Tim Horton's is like gold here, and it is common to see people on the flight from Ottawa bringing home dozens of donuts. I think a franchise here in Iqaluit would be a logical next step for a new capital city. In the mean time I'll have to keep on drinking cafeteria coffee, working out my rim rolling fingers and getting ready for next season.


Nancy said...

Just a reminder that Tim Horton's does NOT sell fair trade / organic coffee. Therefore (or ergo if you want to get fancy) they and their consumers are contributing to child labour and the destruction of forests.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Interesting blog! My grandparents lived in Iqualuit for a couple of years and worked in the hospital there too!
Ah, Tim Hortons. It's so addictive, it's a little scary. The Tim Hortons on campus had no supplies this morning, and there were MANY grumpy caffeine-deprived students in my classes as a result.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing about them is their convenience. The coffee is actually very mediocre. The difference is quite noticeable after drinking black organic fair trade coffee (Kicking Horse), and then having to add sugar and milk to be able to swallow Tim's.