Sunday, April 8, 2007

Eat your heart out, Farley Mowat

Some of my own personal fascination with the Canadian arctic probably began when I read some of Farley Mowat's classic books as a teenager. His descriptions of the landscape and people are compelling. In recent years Mr. Mowat has been critisized for embellishment of the truth, but the flavour and texture of his words still draw me in. One of the experiences I hope to have while in the arctic is to travel away from the community and see how the people who live here travel and hunt on the land.

Yesterday the pediatric resident who is in Iqaluit at the moment (Matt) had a chance to go out hunting with some local folks. They did the hunting, and he took some great pictures. He asked to borrow my camera for the trip, and in return let me post a couple of pics on my blog. So thanks for the pics Matt! Here are some pics from their trip. Hopefully I'll get to go out on a similar excursion sometime!


Kara and Matt said...

Hi from Kugluktuk!

I grew up in northern BC and read every Farley Mowat book. I was in love with the arctic from an early age. Amazing how reading a few books when you are young leads you to a particular lifestyle!

Dr. J. said...

Hi Kara and Matt! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree with you completely. I still remember the books I read when I was young so vividly, it's almost like an experience thinking about them again.
Dr. J.

Anonymous said...

I discovered the Mowat books several years ago and love them all. I keep buying more copies because I give them away, to family, to neighbor kids, to anyone I believe will read them. I always keep a copy of each for re-reading. No matter what is happening in my long life, I can always comfort, distract and amuse myself with a Mowat book or three.

Just found your blog and am enjoying your posts so much. Thank you for writing.

Peggy in Missouri