Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gone Fishing...

'I wonder what they're biting on today?' It's the middle of the week, and the lake is empty, it's overcast and a light rain is making the surface of the water ripple. 'I'd try one of those Mepps spinners.' Wild speculation, an endearing trait of all fishermen, but the weather is right so it's a safe guess.
Flip the bail. Fishing rod up. Flick your wrist. Swishhhhhh. Click. Splash. And reel.
Ahhhh, feel the blood pressure fall.....

As usual my lousy fishing karma reigned supreme. The 'big one' was as elusive as always. Oh well, it's more about the rythm of casting and calm anyways.

"Glad to see you're not wrecking your coronaries with doughnuts, Roy," said Pinkus. "I've tried to tell the girls but they won't listen. They're lucky, of course, in that the estrogens lower their incidence."
"I'm not hungry," I said. "I think I've caught what the BMS [best medical student] had. I'm gonna die. I just timed my respirations: thirty-two a minute."
"Die?" asked Pinkus. "Hmm. Say, did that BMS have a hobby?"
The head nurse picked up the chart, turned to the special section created by Pinkus, called "Hobbies," and said, "Nope. No hobby."
"There," said Pinkus. "See? No hobby. He didn't have a hobby, do you understand? Do you have a hobby, Roy?"
With some alarm I realized that I did not, and said so.
"You should have at least one. See, my hobbies are directed to the care of my coronary arteries: fishing, for calm, and running, for fitness. Roy, in my nine years on this Unit, I've never seen a Marathon runner die. Not of an MI, not of a virus, not of anything. No deaths, period."
Samuel Shem
The House of God


medstudentitis said...

Makes me glad I have hobbies!

Dr. H. said...

Crap. I had better get a hobby. Does eating doughnuts count as a hobby?