Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Northmed Index (or please don't sue me Harper's magazine)

I like to think of myself as a minimalist for stuff. I function fine with what I can fit in a suitcase for a month or more, and rarely think 'wow, I wish I'd brought along X'. There's only a month left until we move from Vancouver to Iqaluit, and that means it's time for packing. Let the good times roll; packing is one of the most stressful activities around. Today an estimator for the moving company came by to see how much stuff we have to move up north. It's a real dilemma, do we take a little or a lot, do we store everything or take it along? Although the moving guy confiently said 'You've got less stuff than lots of people, I still feel like we've accumulated clutter since we came to Vancouver. Moving will be a great way to thin it all out. Here are a few facts and figures about our house, our stuff our city(s) and our life.

Vancouver coordinates: N 49 16' W 123 7'
Iqaluit coordinates: N 63 45' W 68 31'
Size of Vancouver: 114 square kilometers
Size of Baffin Island: 507,451 square kilometers
Average Janurary temperature in Vancouver: 3 C
Average July temperature in Vancouver: 18 C
Average price of a home in Vancouver (March 2007): $705,141
Final selling price of the tear-down, former grow-op house across the street from our apartment: $910,000
Number of rooms in our apartment: 6
Number of TVs: 1
Number of Computers: 4
PCs: 2
Macs: 2
Percentage of computers that can complete a functional boot up: 50%
Percentage of functioning computers that are Macs: 100%
Average February temperature in Iqaluit: -26.4 C
Average July temperature in Iqaluit: 7.7 C
Minimum operating temperature of the Macbook computer: 10 C
Population of Vancouver: about 2,000,000
Population of Iqaluit: about 8,000
Number of RAV lines in Iqaluit: 0
Number of RAV lines in Vancouver: 0 (still under construction)
Number of hospitals in Canada (approx.): 830
Number of hospitals in Nunavut: 1
Percentage of Canada's total area occupied by Nunavut: 21%
Number of Canadian hospitals further north than Baffin Regional Hospital: 1 (Inuvik Regional Hospital)
Suicide rate for Canada: 14 per 100,000 per year
Suicide Rate for Nunavut (2006): 123 per 100,000 per year
Approximate return airfare Toronto to Iqaluit: $1750
Approximate return airfare Toronto to Bangkok: $1750
Average January temperature for Bangkok: 32 C
Number of days until we move to Nunavut: 19
Percentage of packing completed to date: 0%


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

It's much cheaper to fly from Ottawa to Iqaluit than from Toronto to Iqaluit if my memory serves me (or it was 5 years ago --- it might not be the case anymore). Might be something to think about :)

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

I'm sorry, but *how many* rooms in your apartment? And is the price of housing just that way in Vancouver or all around. Because my jaw dropped when I read that.

Dr. J. said...

XE: Yes, it's definitely cheaper from Ottawa. I admit I chose the Toronto route because it's a more extreme comparator.

MSG: 1 bedroom, 1 office, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 laundry room/storage room, 1 bathroom = 6 rooms. Housing here in Vancouver is insane, in the central part of Vancouver most single detached houses would be in the million dollar plus range. Condos downtown (in new buildings) have just passed the $1000 per square foot mark (that's $650,000 for a 650 square foot condo).
Rents are also fairly extreme. We've been getting a great deal on our place but when we return to Vancouver in a year I'd expect we'll probably pay in the $2000+ range for a 2 bedroom place near the hospital....

towniebastard said...

I wouldn't worry about the temperatures impacting your Macbook. My iBook (getting an upgrade later this year) has survived quite nicely in the temperatures.

And really, how often are you going to use a laptop outside when it's -25C