Sunday, August 26, 2007

The View From Here

It's busy here in Iqaluit. The hospital is always humming and there is lots of work to do. Even though we are at least as busy as we are at home we've found time to explore, spend time with friends, and even go to the gym (my squash game is slowly improving). Here are a few recent pictures from our summer in the arctic.

On a nice day the view over the rooftops and out onto the bay is spectacular.

Sunset on the street outside of the hospital.

Arctic cotton blowing in the breeze.

Rocky landscape at Sylvie Grinnell Park.

The waterfall in the park. The best fishing in the area is right below these falls (although I haven't caught anything yet). When I took this picture the fish were jumping and rolling at the surface. Maybe I need a fly rod!

A pool of water on the tundra.

Sunset on another beautiful day.


Elaine said...

Beautiful pictures - thank you!

johnshawnston said...

Nice pics! Yes you do need a fly rod (as I need someone to fly fish with); but don't be fooled into thinking that the fish are necessarily feeding at the surface, they often try to shake parasites by jumping. See if you can determine if they are feeding; one good way is to scoop surface water with a fine net and see if there is anything for them to eat in it. Have fun and happy fishing.