Monday, September 3, 2007

The Fall of Summer

Labour Day

Today is the first Monday in September, historically a day set aside to honor workers, unions and the people who keep the economy of Canada moving. For many people in Canada Labour Day has many other meanings. It is summers last hurrah, the last weekend at the cottage, the weekend to close the cottage or the pool for the season, it's the first night to get lunches ready for kids heading off to school, or maybe the weekend to drive older children off to their dorms for the coming months of college or university. It's the weekend that the first red and yellow leaves start appearing on the maples in Ontario. For many Canadians it's a Monday to sit around with friends and enjoy some classic Canadian CFL football (that's 3 down's, wild passing, and very high scores for any American's reading) along with some fine Canadian beer.

For me the Labour Day weekend is the first time in every year where the air smells like fall, when (no matter how old I get) I feel like I'll be going back to kindergarten, high school, university and med school tomorrow, and when the oilthigh (the fight song of Queen's University) will run through my head at least once.

Happy long weekend!
Photo credit: October Gold by Franklin Carmichael

The worlds shortest forest
The close cropped tundra here in the arctic is a forest of sorts. It has a wide variety of plants, mushrooms and lichens, and it's growth is slow and ponderous, inching it's way across otherwise barren landscape. Here are a few pictures of this minature world up close.


Elaine said...

It is all so beautiful - especially as you know how short a season it has. Wonderful pics, thank you.

mom aka mothina said...

the photos are beautiful. Nature is amazingly hardy isn't it? The mini vibrantforest amongst the rocks and sand. Wondering what type of plant is in the snap with the berries.

Anonymous said...

damn it...i keep forgetting to tick the 'other' button before sending my comment to you

Anonymous said...

Great Pics! Keep it coming - text and pics.
Your MIL

Jean said...

Beautiful pics - thanks!