Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The Walrus is one of my favorite magazines. It's sort of a cross between Harpers and The New Yorker, but from a unique and Canadian perspective. It's always informative and topical, and the sort of magazine that leads to interesting conversations with strangers in coffee shops.

This months issue of The Walrus has a special arctic focus. There are articles on the history of the arctic and the future of the arctic as well as current topical discussion. To Live and Die in Wales, Alaska is a sad and gripping article that describes some of the ways that Inuit communities have struggled and become disconnected over time (due both to tragic circumstance and outside interference) and the consequences this has had. The article focuses on the life and death of a young man, who in another time and place would probably have been a leader in his community.

The Walrus is always a fantastic read, and this issue gives a sometimes wonderful, sometimes painful look into arctic life. I'd recommend the issue to anyone interested in learning more about the arctic. It's November's issue so may still be available at news-stands, and should be in many local libraries. Happy reading!

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Elaine said...

Sounds very interesting, but don't think it would be available in downtown UK.