Saturday, December 22, 2007

At your service...

After a bit of a sleep-in, then a trip to the hospital to round on our inpatients, and a stop at the Frobisher Inn for a coffee at the Caribrew Cafe*, Aaron and I headed to Northmart to do some grocery shopping. We had almost filled the grocery cart, and we were browsing the section of the store that sells fox and rabbit furs, when I heard a loud "beep-beep-beep".

My first thought was, "Oh no, Aaron will to have to go on a Medevac and he'll get stuck up in Igloolik for Christmas." Then I realized it was my pager going off (I'm not on call today, but was wearing my pager anyway). I looked at the very familiar number on the screen, and walked about 5 feet over to the pharmacy counter.

I showed the pharmacist my pager and asked, "Were you calling?" He looked at me like I was a crazy person, and then I said, "Oh, hi I'm Dr. H." I must talk to these guys about 5 times a day on the phone, but I've only met a few of the people who work at the two pharmacies in town.

He looked very surprised and said, "Well, I have to ask about a clarification on a prescription." We looked at the script in question together, and quickly resolved the issue. Aaron was standing behind me with the grocery cart, and said, "The doctors are providing some excellent service in returning pages these days!"

I think I may have set a new world-record in "timely return of a page". Yet another benefit of practicing rural medicine!

*the highlight of sitting around drinking coffee at the Frob today was seeing Polar Man! I guess even super-heroes need some caffeine. It's been a while since I've seen Iqaluit's resident do-gooder. I think he might have been walking through town with the Christmas Parade a couple of weeks ago...other than that, the last time I saw him was at the museum last March when I was up visiting Aaron. All I remember about that encounter was having a very surreal conversation with a guy dressed in a white sweatsuit and a full-face ski mask, who was snacking on bannock. Who knows when our paths will cross again, Polar Man?

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