Saturday, May 10, 2008

A quick post

We're traveling in New Zealand right now. It's an amazing country and the people here are very friendly. The internet access however is not great so this will only be a short post.
We arrived in Auckland last week and are currently in Rotorua, which is basically a town built in a geothermal field so there are geysers and mineral bathes around. A couple of days ago we went to something called a glow-worm cave. It was amazing! There were thousands of glow-worms on the ceiling that gave enough light to see everyone in the cave. The cave had a river in it so we floated around on a raft in there for about 45 minutes. AMAZING!
The tour was run by a small company called Spellbound and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to visit this country.
More posts next time I can connect to the net!


HK said...

That's cool! I love the glowworms... but did they tell you what glowworms actually are???? hehehe. If you have time, go to hotwater beach and dig yourself a hottub! And don't pass up any opportunities (like surfing) just because it's "too cold", though working in Iqaluit should mean cold won't scare you.

Ian Furst said...

Ha -- I saw the picture and assumed it was the northern lights - didn't think it was the right time of the year but I've never lived that far north. The glow worms look a lot like the northern lights when they grow across the sky like crystals. Looks fantastic - enjoy the vacation!