Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How you know you've been in the arctic too long...

Now that I'm back in Vancouver, I'm trying to get used to several things:

1) living in a big city
2) trees
3) driving on the highway
4) Tim Hortons and many, many different kinds of takeout

Number 4 is certainly the easiest of these, and the most enjoyable.

However, tonight as I was going to put the hose back in the garage, I stepped outside and did a double was really dark out, and it was only 10:30 pm! Where were my endless hours of daylight? How could this be?

I guess I'm not quite settled back out west (and south!) yet. I'm looking forward to starting residency again next week, although I admit I'm a bit nervous. Once you're out in practice, it's easy to get out of "study mode", and now I have to get myself back into it. I tried to do some reading on volatile anesthetics this morning, and I think if it weren't for my large coffee with milk from Timmy's, it's possible my brain might have exploded. It doesn't help that I have an anesthesia exam coming up in less than two weeks (a three hour exam! on a saturday! in the summer! this is a form of sanctioned cruelty I say!)

Although I'm quite enjoying the view outside on these beautiful summer days, I miss those little flowers on the tundra more than I thought I would...


Indigo said...

Welcome to the south again. As I believe Jen of Nunavut commented back in the winter, the south is not all it's cracked up to be. I have spent a lot of years commuting from here (southern interior BC)and to there and just recently returned from a three year tour of duty north. I am less able to adapt to the south everytime. I do miss the light and the solitude and the great surprises both in people and on the tundra.

Best of luck on your residency and exam/s. This too will pass.

Doctor S. said...

Just a question: were you 'required' to do a village rotation after internship? why did you pause in your training to practice? thanks

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