Wednesday, August 6, 2008

City Rehab

I've now been back in Vancouver for a couple of weeks. It's definitely an adjustment. Everyone is in a hurry, all the time. You can buy anything at any time and choice is limitless. Since I've been back I've been working as a hospitalist in a small hospital in the lower mainland. It's been fun so far but it's all a little more anonymous than the north.
At the end of August I'll make a short trip back to Iqaluit, I'm looking forward to it, the end of the summer in the north is beautiful, the tundra is in flower, mosquito season is at an end and the days are bright but cool. Perfect for hiking or fishing!
In the mean while I'll lay low here in Vancouver. It's difficult to know what to blog about, life in the city has so many options, but in some ways seems difficult to understand. Really, why the rush?? Why the big deal??? Oh well, I'll re-acclimate eventually! (Or maybe my ongoing trips north will make me an endlessly strange person to city folk?)

In the mean time, here is a picture of a DC-3 taking off over Grise Fiord. The DC-3 is one of the planes that opened up the northern frontier in Canada. This particular plane was built in 1943, and is still serving in arctic duty. Just down the beach from the settlement of Grise Fiord there is a flat (slightly) grassy area with old fuel cans with holes in the tops lining the sides....the old runway, fully equipped for dark season landings....I wonder if there's an old runway on Jericho Beach??